Monday, August 1, 2016

The Lovely Ward of Lakota Creek

Dear Family,

This place is so awesome! I love the Lakota Creek Ward! Elder Scheidell and I have been working hard and biking hard. We don't have very many investigators right now, but we are working on it. :) It is really interesting the kind of food you get when you are on your mission. I had 2 kinds of food that I have never had before, this week. We ate Korean food over at the Hang family's house. We all sat cross-legged at a short table with some seafood soup and beef dumplings. I really liked those dumplings! I also tried a donut hamburger! Basically you get Crispy Cream donuts, cut them in half, and use them instead of the bun. It tasted very sweet!

If time keeps flying at the rate is has been this first year, I will be home in no time! Missions are just too short. :) My first district meeting wasn't too bad. I was so nervous that I forgot to check if our room had the air conditioner on. It was over 80 degrees outside and I happened to choose the only room in that church building that didn't have AC. It got really hot, and I was sweating a lot because I was nervous. They all took it well and many said that they liked it. I feel like my next district meeting will be better because I have had a lot more time to prepare for it and I know my district a little better. We are all good friends now, so it is not so nerve wracking anymore.

This week has been so great! It was a little warm, going upwards of 90's (Actually that was very hot). Elder Scheidell's bike broke on Friday, so we walked the rest of the night. He is now borrowing one of the Zone Leader's bikes until his derailer gets re-attached to his bike. I am glad to hear that everything is going well at home! I love you all!

Q and A:

How are you?
* I am doing great! I love this new ward. I had no idea how much fun it is to bike! There are a lot of hills in Lakota Creek Ward, so I get a lot of speed sometimes. :)

What is it like to be a district leader?
* It actually isn't too bad. Once I realized that I don't have to be perfect, but be myself, it has made it easier. It is funny, though. Every time I talk to a missionary in my district, I suddenly think of some suggestions that they could do to help their investigators. It makes me look smarter than I really am. :)

What are some of your responsibilities?
* I have to do a 1 and 1/2 hour District Meeting once a week, call everyone in my district twice a week (usually Thursdays and Sundays), and conduct companion exchanges with every Elder in my district.

Who is your companion? Where is he from?
* Elder Scheidell.
* Murray, Utah (Same stake as President Rasmussen, too!)

How are you getting along?
* Well! We actually have a lot of the same interests and you are not going to believe this! He also went to Seattle on a choir trip the same time I did and we competed there!

Are you biking now? Are your muscles killing you?
* Yes
* Yep, we do a lot of biking, but I have already seen myself get stronger. Some of those hills don't seem to be as long as they used to.

How many are in your district? Elders? Sisters?
* The Dolloff Lake Elders (Elder Higginson and Elder Mortensen)
* The Federal Way Sisters (Sister Thurman and Sister Bowman)
* The Redondo Elders (Elder Riley and Elder Covington) They are also our Zone Leaders.

Do you like your ward?
* Yes, all of the members here are super friendly and have never said no when we have needed a ride.

How big is your area compared to your last area that you compared to Provo?
* I am not sure. It definitely is not a small area. I personally think it is bigger, but that might be because I am not in a car. :)

Do the members there feed you?
* Yes. We have had a member meal every single day except for when we have P-Day. It has been pretty great!
Elder Bretton Steiner.

This is my first Ward Coordination Meeting in the Lakota Creek Ward. My ward mission leader is Brother K and my new companion is Elder Scheidell.

Lakota Creek borders the "Sound". Really, I like to call it the ocean, but everyone here likes to say "Sound".

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