Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Did You Know Pumpkin Is A Squash?!

Dear Family,

This week has just blown by! We had a pretty funny thing happen this week. The Federal Way Stake is making a large emphasis on visiting and helping prospective elders to receive the Priesthood. So, Elder Scheidell and I got a ward list of prospective elders and we have been going out trying to contact and see if they even still live here. We have done a lot already, but this one in particular was funny.

We chose a name from the prospective elders list and decided to go knock on the door. When we were walking up to the door, behind the bush was a window and someone at the window told us that he wants us to come in and talk to him. We asked if the prospective elder still lived here, but I don't think he understood what he said.

So we went up to the door and knocked. Someone answered and we asked him if the prospective elder still lived here. He said no and that he moved out over a year ago. Then he asked, did you come to see Lupe (pronounced Lou-pay)? Lupe called from the downstairs and said, "Yes! I told them to come!"

So we went in and walked down the stairs. Lupe was in a wheel chair and he was super excited to see us. Long story short, he told us that he was baptized a long time ago, but he didn't get all of his "new member lessons" because he moved away from Hawaii to Seatac. He found the missionaries there, but lost contact again when he moved here in Federal Way.

He had no clue where to go to find the church, or anyone from the church, so he waited. He saw us pass on our bikes a few times and he told us that each time he saw us, he said that he wanted to talk to us. So when he saw us come up to his house, he threw open the window and invited us in.

So, while we were looking for prospective elders who are interested to receive the Priesthood, we happened to find one in the house of one that moved out. It is funny! God knows what His children stand in need of. He will help you. You just have to wait and have faith. The Lord's timing is the best timing.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Steiner.

P.S. Oh, and if you wanted to know why the weird title, here it is:

Elder Scheidell and I got some Pumpkin Pie for dessert on Tuesday. When Sister G brought it out, she said, "We had to make sure you got your vegetables." Elder Scheidell was surprised. He said he thought it was a fruit. Sister G said, "Well, it is a squash, so vegetable."

Then we used that question for lots of our contacting approaches this week. Just imagine how funny it is, two missionaries coming up to you. You already know they are going to talk about God in some way. Then the question comes, "Did you know that Pumpkin is a squash?

Wow! This is a great view! There are plenty here in Lakota Creek!
It is always great to get invited back to one of your past areas for the baptism of someone you taught! This is Alex and Melodie. They are a part of the family that Elder Palmer and I worked very hard to meet with.

I have a watch tan line! Oh, yea!
I got this picture from the mission blog (wfwmission.blogspot.com). This was the mission devotional a couple of weeks ago at the Graham Stake Center. The one that looks just like our stake center. I look very short next to Elder Pickney!
My funny face this morning.

Monday, September 19, 2016

God's Will Will Happen

Dear Family,

This week has been so good! Elder Scheidell and I had a cool miracle this week. It will take a while to explain, but it is worth it!

On Wednesday, Elder Scheidell's bike started to have a problem. It made a funny clicking noise. When we looked at it closer, we found that one of the spokes on his back wheel broke. We found out right before our dinner appointment, so we decided to go to the bike store after dinner. We ate dinner and got to the bike store shortly before it was supposed to close. The guy there said that he could fix it over night or he could have it done quickly in the morning.

So, we planned to go to the bike shop first thing Thursday morning, leave our bikes there and walk. I felt prompted to go to a near by apartment complex that I haven't been to, yet, called Quail Run. We originally planned to have our Weekly Planning at that time, so we moved that to later in the day.

Thursday came. We left our bikes at the bike shop and we started tracting there. It seemed like no one was home and those we did talk to weren't interested. I was about to suggest we go to a different place to find people, but I decided to knock on one more door.

When I knocked on it, someone next door told us that they weren't home. So, I turned to her and asked, "So can we share our message with you about Jesus Christ?" She said yes. We walked over and sat on the bench on her front porch. She had a question about how to find out if Joseph Smith was a real prophet or not. I told her it was a long explanation and so we ended up teaching her the whole Restoration lesson!

Her name is Shauna and she is taking care of her mom who just got diagnosed with Alzheimers (I think that is how you spell it). Her daughter got physically abused just the day before for trying to help a homeless guy. Shauna loved the message and she asked a lot of good questions. She loved when we talked about families and about how much Heavenly Father loves us.

At the end of the lesson, we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it and pray about it. That is how you find out Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. As Elder Scheidell and I walked away, we started to realize what just happened. Heavenly Father knew that one of His daughters needed help and comfort, so He sent us.

If Elder Scheidell's bike didn't randomly break down like it did, we wouldn't have been out knocking on doors. We could have gone to so many different places during the time our bikes were at the bike shop, but we felt prompted to go to her apartment complex.

We arrived back at the bike shop right on time and the bike was all fixed. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children. He will help us when we need and ask for it. Nothing will get in the way of Him fulfilling His purposes. If it is God's will, it will happen. And He will even make other things happen to do it if He needs to.

I hope you all had a great week! I love you all!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

My name tag with the Book of Mormon! This is the Puget Sound.

​This week Elder Scheidell hit his one year mark!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sister P's Baptism!

Dear Family,

This week, there has been a lot of miracles, but first off: Happy 1st Birthday Melody!!! And for later this week, Happy Birthday Dad!!! I won't write how old you are because you probably don't feel that old. That's okay. I don't feel like I have been on my mission for 14 months... I am becoming an "old" missionary.

I can't remember if I have mentioned Brother I before. Elder Scheidell and I got to teach him about the Book of Mormon Thursday. I read to him 1 Nephi 19:23 and we talked about what it meant to "liken" the scriptures to ourselves. The lesson went very well and he was excited to start reading the Book of Mormon.

The next morning, Brother I. texted us and told us that he wanted to meet with us. We went and sat on the steps in front of the church. He showed us his Book of Mormon. Almost every other verse in the first chapter of 1 Nephi had some highlights. He told us that he felt like he related very well with Nephi and his family. He said that he felt like his dad was a "goodly parent" to him and taught him about Christ when he was growing up. He said that he wanted to be a good dad to his children, too. (Up until this point, we didn't even know he had children.) He also shared how he found the name "Lehi" in the Bible (Judges 15:9). He said that he felt that this was happening for a reason and that he felt that God was leading him. Elder Scheidell and I testified of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. We then taught a little about repentance and aligning our will with God's will. He loved it. He came to the baptism on Saturday, and church on Sunday.

Speaking of baptism, Sister P got baptized on Saturday! She is pretty shy and got a little nervous when so many people showed up to her baptism, but she relied on God to help her get through it. She even found the courage to get confirmed during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday! We are now going to start the "New Member Lessons" (which are really the same lessons taught again) with her to help her plan to go to the temple in one year!

Well, this has been a long letter. I hope you liked it! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

Sister P after her baptism! The Spirit was so strong!

​The world's best gummi bears! They are so good! Found only at Fred Meyer (equivalent to a Wal-Mart except it sells these gummi bears!).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Transfers Call

Dear Family,

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!! You are awesome and a great brother-in-law!

This week has been a little on the crazier side. That is probably because I procrastinated all of the exchanges until this week. So crazy! We started to forget things, missed a couple of appointments, and so on. Anyway, we have learned. :) We will plan better. That is right, "We"! Elder Scheidell and I are staying together for another transfer here in Lakota Creek Ward! I am so excited for this transfer! I will try not to procrastinate exchanges this time. :)

I am so excited right now! Kristin P is getting baptized this Saturday! After investigating for 3 years, she feels it is time. She told us that when she was partaking of the Sacrament one week, she thought about getting baptized and felt the Spirit confirm it to her! Elder Scheidell and I are teaching her our final lesson tomorrow and she will have her interview on Thursday!

Also, even more good news: Do you remember Lili T? I taught her all of the lessons almost a year ago (wow, that makes me feel old...), but she moved to Federal Way before she got baptized. Yep, the Silver Lake Elders found her and started teaching again! A couple of weeks ago, they told me that she is on date for this Saturday as well!

With two people that I love getting baptized this week, I have a lot to look forward to. I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

My district! (Top from left to right): Sister Thurman, Sister Bowman, Elder Mortensen, Elder Covington, Elder Riley, Elder Steiner. (Bottom from left to right): Elder Higginson, Elder Scheidell.

Elder Scheidell and I on the go. We just made it up a long, steep hill. It feels so good to finally be at the top!
Q and A:

Did transfers affect you in anyway?
*Nope, Elder Scheidell and I are both staying!

Your district? Are you still DL?
*I have a totally new district now: (wow, all Elders)
*I am still a District Leader.

Is your bike all fixed and working properly?
*Yes, it has been working great this week. I have had to tune it a little, but I am figuring it out. :)