Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

I am here now in South Carolina and I am loving it here. I have to say that when I was in Utah I had a lot more time. Here the time flies by so fast, I now only have 23 months exactly from today until my mission ends. My life in Utah now seems like a dream and the life here in the field is reality. 

So my flight to Atlanta was good and long. but my flight from Atlanta was short and kinda lonely. I flew on the plane by myself and when I arrived here no one was waiting for me. So a lady helped my out with a phone and I called the Mission President's Wife. They then came and picked me up. It was really funny and a good put your faith in the Lord experience.

I am in the Blythwood Ward and we are doing good at bringing back less actives and teaching investigators. I am still trying to remember all of the peoples names and matching them to their faces. 

I don't know what else to say to you all but I am still alive and I love my trainer Elder Wright. 

right now we are teaching a guy from samoa and he has a really super long name. He is totally going to get baptized. We just call him Mr. T. I think I will try to get his name fully so I can let you see how long it is. I also have been dreaming about people that don't know the gospel and I am teaching them about Christ. It really cool that I am having some of these dreams. 

I am also having dreams about home but they are mostly about my friends and family. I do miss home but I feel like I just won't get there until I'm ready. My companion said to my one day, "look up and that plane. How far away does that plane seem to you?"

I said, "about 2000 ft" It was kinda low.

He then said, "No that seems more like 2 years."

We both laughed but to be honest 2 years goes by so fast. I can't wait to see all of you again. Just don't forget that someone out there loves you.

Does God know me? Alma 5:38, 58
What does Christ expect of me? 2 Nephi 9
How can I find peace and joy? Mosiah 2, 4

I will Survive!

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