Monday, August 11, 2014

First Letter from the mission field

My first week out in the field has been great! I love the people and I am growing closer to the Lord. I have had a few times where the Lord has helped me out. I am beginning to notice a lot more things he has given me. I honestly love living dependently and I rarely get homesick.

I have been covered in mud, dog slobber and dog hair. I love the rain storms on bikes. The humidity isn't bad at all I almost feel like Im back in Utah ish. I love the trees and I think You guys are missing out a lot. My apartment is next to one of those 2000 foot radio towers and It is so cool to see how low the clouds come.

I have talked to a few ministers and I have already said the opening prayer in my first sacrament meeting. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and I would be overwhelmed if I was at home but the spirit just gives me that calm and peaceful feeling whenever I need it. My companion is so kind to me. He is my age and he has already been out for over a year. His name: Elder Wright.

I only get an hour every week to write. I already have a huge line of letters to respond to, and I spend most of my time writing so ya.... I wish I had more time to write but it's ok.

I hope life is great and I think that my letter writing will get better eventually but its ok for now. I love you all back at home! Good Night! till next week!

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