Monday, February 8, 2016

Is This Place Paradise?

Dear Family,

This week has been awesome! After my first day in Benson Hill, I literally was asking, "Is this place paradise?" This ward is amazing! The ward mission leader is Brother Lim, he is a very energetic, short, Chinese man. (Don't tell him I told you he is short.) There are also a few ward missionaries, one of which is Brother Dilag (pronounced Dee-log), but he likes just being called Ed. He is a recent convert and he organizes a lot of activities. He put together a Pot Luck on Saturday and he goes out a lot with us to teach. He is awesome!

When I got to the Maple Valley Stake Center for transfers, I had a couple surprises. One is the fact that I am actually in a trio! The other is that I don't actually have to bike anywhere, we have a car! My new companions are Elder Samuels, and Elder Samuelsen. (I love how their names are literally 2 letters apart. It is easy for members and investigators to remember our names.) Elder Samuels has been in this ward for 1 transfer already, on bike, but he crashed when going down a hill about 25 mph and he hurt his finger. He has to go to physical therapy for it, and now we have a car because he can't grip bike handles very well. I assume that we will bike next transfer when his finger is all better. For now, I am going to enjoy the car. :)

This week has flown by! I have been slowly learning the ward and it's members. We have 2 investigators committed for baptism on March 5th and we hope that we can help them get there. We found 5 investigators this week, so now we have a total of 10 investigators! That is a lot! We are working hard to get fellowship for each investigator and also how to include them in the ward. This week has been a lot of fun and I can't wait to keep working! I love you all!


Elder Bretton Steiner.

PS: I get to be a part of the ward choir in Benson Hill! I am so excited! I didn't know that I as a missionary was allowed to be in the ward choir, but it turns out that missionaries have been in the Benson Hill ward choir for quite a while! It is really fun to sing in a group again!

Items Received:

* Letter from Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield! Thank you!

Say hello to Elder Samuelsen (On the left), me, and Elder Samuels (On the right). We are Benson Hill's Tri-panionship! We happened to be in the MTC all at the same time, but in different districts. We didn't actually meet each other until we were at the airport!

I think this is what every missionary is trying to attain when filling up on gas. I am grateful that God has called another prophet in these latter days!

Brother Lim the ward mission leader!

We just finished a new member lesson with Jennassa!

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