Monday, February 22, 2016

So This Is Office Work!

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Dear Family,

This week has been busy! There wasn't very much for us to do until Wednesday. That was the day that Elder Davidson and I picked up the new truck. Right now, it is sitting at the mission home waiting for the canopy to be placed on it. Hopefully, the canopy on the old truck is the same size.

On Thursday, we were doing weekly planning. We planned for about 30 minutes and then all of the text messages and calls came in. So many things were requested that I had to start writing them down! Chairs, desk lamps, bikes, mattresses, and more need to be moved around the mission! President Eaton called and said we are taking over another ward, Lake Lucerne, and that we had to close an apartment. We ended weekly planning right then and went to work. So far, we have only done a few things, so we are very busy!

On Friday, Elder Young (the car coordinator) took us to pick up 2 new corolla's for the mission. They didn't have Tiwi's in them, but I still tried to drive safe. :) I ended up cutting someone off to get the exit off of the highway.

On Saturday, I went on an exchange in Lake Wilderness Ward and biked all day. Luckily, it was very beautiful weather. I got a good picture of it all below! It was an awesome exchange!

On Sunday, Elder Davidson and I got to run the Mission Devotional! We put together the slide show and put it in action! Elder Davidson ran the slideshow and I ran the lights. It was awesome!

Though this week has been very busy, I have learned that it is very important to have patience. I have definitely had to show patience when trying to manage all of the work. Patience with others and with yourself can help you calm down and take things one step at a time. It has worked for me! I am really getting the hang of doing office work! I love you all!


Elder Bretton Steiner.

P.S. In this mission an Office Elder isn't what it seems. I can think of a better name: "Housing Coordinator Assistant That Also Updates Mission Spreadsheets." That is pretty much what we do. That is why we get a truck!

Q and A:

How are you? How is life as an office missionary?
* I am good, life as an office missionary is very busy. I felt like there was nothing to do on Wednesday, but then Thursday we got a lot of assignments. Missionaries from all over the mission are requesting replacement, dump, or new furniture and we also received word that we are taking over another area. It got pretty busy out of now where! Even though we have a lot on our plates, we are still doing all that we can.

Have you gotten to tour the mission yet in the new truck?
* Not yet. We did get the new truck, but it is staying at the mission home until we can get the canopy over the bed of the truck. Hopefully we can take the canopy from the old truck and fit it on the new truck.

Why does a mission have a truck?
* Because we have to move a lot of furniture. We also get to pull a trailer because sometimes we can't fit everything in the truck.

What have you learned or are learning as an office missionary? Is it harder that you think?
* Well, I have learned how to drive a large truck. I have learned that Office Elders create the slideshow for the mission devotional and operate it (I did the lights). I have also learned that it is really hard to completely clean out apartments that have to be cleaned. Those missionaries really lived dirty. I also learned that it doesn't really work to move furniture if the storage unit isn't organized. There is a lot to do. :)

I have been wondering... but I don't want an answer because I'm afraid that if the answer is yes then I will be tempted. I'm wondering that if I ever call the mission office will I have the chance to talk to you? I can easily see myself calling, waiting for a hello and then hurrying to hang up just to hear your voice.
* No, I only work in the office part time. If you call at any time, Sister Young (a senior missionary) will answer the phone. I only update spreadsheets.

My Companion?
* Elder Davidson likes to cook. He doesn't like to sing, but he still really likes to listen to music.

Dinner appointments?
* Pretty much every single night, especially now that we are covering 2 very missionary active wards. :) We are now the Elk Run and Lake Lucerne and Office missionaries. I guess you could call that triple covering because the office has a lot of work to do.

How are the new wards?
* They are great! The members are great, but in terms of non-members there aren't very many. I have heard people say that Maple Valley is just like Provo. Small wards, very dense members, not very many non-members. The biggest difference is that it looks like we live in the middle of a forest! It is so pretty!

Is it harder to proselyte in the evening?
* Yes. Especially when it is raining (pretty much everyday). No one is outside after dark and hardly anyone wants someone at their door after dark.

Elder Davidson and I in the new truck. It is really awesome!

This is probably the best picture I can find to explain Maple Valley. We practically live in a forest! Behind me is Lake Wilderness. I am on exchanges and on bike for the day. I am really lucky that it didn't rain. :)

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