Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break!

Dear Family,

Not much happened this week. In terms of Office work, we got a lot done, but as for proselyting, everyone seemed to be out of town for Spring Break. Since we are behind on the lessons for the Coate family, we have moved their baptismal date back to the 30th. Hopefully, we won't need to push it back anymore. They are doing pretty good. They spent last weekend in Utah. They didn't manage to get into any of the sessions, but they listened to them on the radio. We happened to run into them at the grocery store today. It was funny. They just came back from their vacation this morning, so they looked very tired. :)

Elder Davidson and I got invited to the "Empty Nester Group" dinner last Monday. It was held at the Waldrun's home and they happened to have a non-member live with them for the last month before she graduates from medical school. We shared a quick message about General Conference and about how easy it is for us to hear the prophet today as compared to the past. Now that I think about it, that probably made them feel pretty old... We didn't really get anywhere with the non-member, but she liked the message.

On Saturday, I got to go on an exchange with my District Leader, Elder Nelson (the one from Kaysville, Utah). Everyone we visited got a kick out of the fact that we came from the same hometown! :) Miracles happen while on exchanges and this one was no exception! We contacted people that haven't been contacted for months and we met a lot of people! It was great!

I love you all!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

One more sunset! It is really different from the typical, gray overcast days. On those days, it is sometimes difficult to even tell where the sun is.

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