Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From "First 12 Weeks" To "Second 12 Weeks"

Dear Family,

This last week has been crazy. Guess what? We are going to split Scenic Hill, again! I split it last transfer, but it was canceled, but this time it is not! This time we had to scramble to put everything together because they told us we were splitting after we did weekly planning. We had to use our meal times (after we ate) to put together the new Area Book. I am now serving in Scenic Hill A, and Scenic Hill B will be Sister Missionaries. Here is another surprise! I am Training! The purpose of the "First 12 Weeks" training program is to have missionaries be good enough to train right after their own training. Well, I guess it worked. I want to call my new training curriculum the "Second 12 Weeks." Elder Nelson is being transferred to Graham to be a Zone Leader and I am staying here, in a newly split area with a Trainee. Oh, and now Scenic Hill A is a car share area. Yep, so I will be biking half the time! So, I am the only one with experience here. I have just got to say, I am pretty nervous! Transfers are happening in a few hours, so I don't have my new companion, yet. I have found out who my new District Leader will be, though! It will be Elder John, who happens to also be from Kaysville, Utah!! When I say, "I used to work at Bowmans", he actually knows what I am talking about! He used to work in Fresh Market, just across the street from Bowmans. Who would have thought we would serve together in the Washington Federal Way Mission!

Okay, cool experience from this last week. Hmm... Oh, I got it! On Wednesday, Elder Nelson and I had a lesson with Lili Tuiloma! We set it up to be in the Stake Center, but we couldn't find a 3rd male to come with us. Our fellowship for Lili was Sister Weiderholt, whose husband was at work this time. We eventually had to call Brother Jackson. He is retired and can't drive by himself. So, we had to drive to The Village to pick him up, then drive to Sister Weiderholt's apartment, guide Sister Weiderholt to Lili's apartment, then all drive up to the Stake Center. It was pretty crazy. When we got there, we found out that the Zone Leader Trio was there having a lesson in the foyer and some Sister Missionaries were outside having a lesson! It was awesome to see so many lessons at the church at the same time!

The day before that, we got to go on an adventure! We found out on Tuesday that Stella had a flat tire. Elder Nelson put his garage skills to work and replaced that tire in 10 minutes! We had to go to Auburn to get the tire fixed. We were there for 45 minutes. We decided to still proselyte, so we walked around in nearby neighborhoods in Auburn. I found out that the addresses in Auburn are really weird. We heard from the Sister Missionaries that serve there (We happened to run into them) that there were 3 different 16th Streets in Auburn. I am glad that Kent's addresses actually make sense.

Well, I am going to have a very interesting next week. Wish me luck with my trainee! Wish me luck taking over this Area. Wish me luck with biking! I love you all!


Elder Steiner.

P.S. Due to lack of time, I will post Ellineta Smith's Conversion Story Part 3 next week

Q and A:

Will you be able to view conference? How? Will the time of the Conference be different for you?
* Yes, in the Kent Stake Center or in Member's homes.
* The Conference will start at 9:00 in the morning because of the time change. In other words, I will be watching it at the same time you are.

Did the transfers effect you this time? If so, who is your new companion? What is he like? etc.
* Oh, yes. I am effected.
* I don't know who my trainee is, so I will save this question for next week.

We got to see the Supermoon Eclipse! Did you? It was actually really lucky that the sky was clear that night.

Since Elder Nelson is leaving, we got the excuse to take pictures with the Ainuu Family!

We have FHE with a less-active Samoan family, the Ainuu's. They gave us Lava-lava's (They call them Iae's). They kind of match, so we wanted a picture of them.

You may have to turn your head to see this one. Our last picture as a companionship. I am almost going to cry. I will miss Elder Nelson. He gave me this "Posterity Tie," telling me that I must give it to my Trainee. The next morning, I was called to be a trainer. I guess I won't hold on to this "Posterity Tie" for very long.

We tried to make bread because we heard that it only took 49 sense to make it. It did not go very well at all. It didn't expand like it should have, the whole inside wasn't cooked, and there were air bubbles everywhere. We both concluded at the end to save bread baking for after our missions.

Time to split the area again.

My desk at the end of a crazy week. It actually doesn't look too bad compared to Elder Nelson's desk. Oh, by the way, since I will now be the Senior companion, I have inherited the Master Chair and Master Desk. You can kind of see them in the top picture. My trainee will get this desk.

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