Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Dear family,

Honestly, I haven't even considered what to write in this email yet. I am sorry I didn't end up sending a letter home, it turns out I didn't have time to write it.

This week has been pretty good. We got another promising investigator. Her name is Valaauina, but she goes by Ina. She is Samoan and just turned 18 on Sunday. She is currently living at her Aunt's house, who is Less Active. It was a great experience when we contacted her. It was late at night, about 8:45 pm, it was dark and we were looking around our complex before we turned in for the night. Elder Nelson and I were walking. I saw Ina in a dark corner in front of her Aunt's apartment, and Elder Nelson saw the two guys wearing reflective vests walking under a light. As we passed Ina to go to talk to the two guys, all I managed to say was "Hello", and "Have a good night". The two guys weren't interested and after our conversation ended, we continued walking. I felt prompted to go back to Ina, even though I had already said good night. When I told Elder Nelson, he didn't even notice she was there. We went back and talked to her about the Gospel. She was prepared to hear our message. It was then that we found out her name and a little about her. I know that if I didn't follow the prompting from the Spirit, we might have never seen her again. We have since then had 2 lessons and she has committed to be Baptized! Here is a funny thing, during our first lesson with Ina, her aunt came out and said to Ina, "You should be baptized." Her aunt was Less Active. I hope that this baptism will reactivate their family!

Here is a lesson I have learned from that: Talk to everyone. Not just the ones in shiny, reflective vests. Chances are, there are some prepared people who aren't wearing shiny, reflective vests. Everyone is a Child of God and is in need of the Gospel.

I love it here! I know that there are people out here that I can help! I love you all!


Elder Steiner
Q and A:

Did you do anything special today? (Probably meaning Labor Day)
* Nope. I did a lot of Proselyting, though. It was pretty great! Everyone was either out of town or had family visiting! I think mostly everyone had family over. There were also a ton of great smelling barbecues going on!

Do you have a guess for the weight of Brianne's baby?
* Yes. 7 lbs and 12 oz. Is that the right way to guess a baby's weight?

Did you get our package? If so, when did you get it?
* Yes. The Zone Leaders actually went to the Mission Office on Friday (The day it arrived), so I actually got the package on Friday instead of tomorrow (Wednesday). :)
* Thank you for the Cereal. It happens to be pretty expensive out here. I also loved the Milky Ways. They didn't even last one day.

​We found a full rainbow! It was so amazing. Elder Nelson took this picture while I held the umbrellas.
This was taken today, just for you. I am supposed to get my haircut today, too. Wish me luck!
​I feel like we are always stopped at Gowe street... maybe the next street is a little Meeker.
Those clouds look so fluffy! Sometimes I think Washington has the prettiest sky.

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