Monday, October 12, 2015

Biking in the Rain

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good. I can't believe I have been training for 2 weeks already! It is really weird being Senior Companion. I am used to sitting in the passenger seat of the car, being free to take pictures whenever I want, but now, I am the driver. So, sorry for the lack of pictures this week.

We got to go on a blitz with the Assistants to the President on Saturday, but it was really short because they showed up late. It was very rainy that day. Elder Miner went with Elder Downing and the car, and I went with Elder Berkhiemer (That might not be the right spelling) on bikes.

We got to teach one of our investigators on Tuesday. He lives in a household full of many different faiths. He recently got layed off of work, so we could start teaching him more often. For this lesson we sat down at his kitchen table and there were some people watching TV in the next room. I had a prompting to ask him to turn off the TV, but then I thought that would be mean for the people who were watching it. I then asked him if he could turn down the TV. He went over and just turned it off. I that if I didn't follow that prompting, it would have been a lot harder to focus and feel the Spirit. It turned out to be a successful lesson and we plan on visiting him more.

Next week, P-Day will be on Wednesday. It is all weird because of Zone Conference and because general authority is coming to our mission! I love you!

Elder Steiner

Items Received:
* Package from family. Thank you for sending my GPS! I can actually find my way around now!

Q and A:
How are you doing with biking?
* Pretty good. Elder Miner ordered his bike last P-Day and we are still waiting for it to come. He is currently borrowing some other Elder's bike. We had to bike in the rain on Friday and Saturday. It was pouring on us! We recently found out that Scenic Hill has a bus pass! Now we just have to figure out all of the bus stops...

Do you share the car with the Sisters?
* No. The Sisters have their own car, full time. We are sharing our car with another set of Elders from the Park Orchard ward.

Is there enough work to go around since you Split the Area?
* Not really. Our teaching pool is very small and we often run out of things to do. But I know that God wanted this area split, so He will help us increase our teaching pool.

Let me know how you are doing.
* Sore from biking, but still happy.

This picture is actually from two weeks ago. Elder John and his trainee, Elder Riley, are in the back. Elder John is now my District Leader.

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