Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good! I have a few new investigators this week and one of them seems pretty promising! I had a great birthday. I ate at the Bishop's house for dinner and they made me a cake! Probably the best thing that happened on my birthday was the baptism! Yep, I baptized Devu Thapa on my birthday! Yay! I didn't actually teach Devu, but the sister missionaries did and they needed someone to baptize her! It was awesome! I forgot to bring my camera to the baptism, but some other members of the ward got pictures. I don't have them with me, I still have to get them from the ward members. :) The Ainuu's also made me a cake for the Family Home Evening with them on Monday. Both cakes were great!

Also, there was a worldwide missionary training meeting this week! It was awesome! Something that I really liked was how important repentance really is. As a missionary it is easy to gloss over repentance and go straight to teaching about baptism! Repentance is the thing that actually prepares people for baptism. Repentance helps them change their lives and helps them grow closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father. By asking them to read the scriptures and apply them, I am actually asking them to repent and change their lives. It was a great training!

Some of you may be questioning the subject line of this email. I am glad you noticed. :) I couldn't decide between Birthday and Baptism day, because it was both! Then I thought, "Bothday, that will work!" I typed it in with a smile! I love you all!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

Items Received:

* Birthday Package! Thank you!

Q and A:

What can we do here at home to be missionaries?
*** Talk with everyone. One way to help bring people unto Christ is by being a good friend and example. If a less active member chooses to not reactivate, don't abandon them. I bet something inside them always wants to return to activity. This is all I could think of. I love you!

What is your favorite dinner, breakfast, desert, color, scripture, family story, and embarrassing moment?
* The bishop asked you what my favorites were because I couldn't decide. I like a lot of things I used to not like and vise versa.
* Dinner: Teryaki Chicken; Breakfast: French Toast or Mountain Man; Desert: Blue Berry Muffins; Color: Green and Blue; Scripture: Mosiah 29:20; Family Story: The Hill Cumorah Pagent; Embarrassing Moment (really?): Forgetting that we were already scheduled to meet with members and asking them again. It actually happens a lot.

What did you learn from the Worldwide Missionary Training Meeting?
* The theme is "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". There were a lot of things mentioned and talked about, but something that really stood out to me is the fact that we have to teach repentance, too. As a missionary, it has been really easy for me to gloss over repentance because I get so excited to talk about baptism. They said that repentance is the only way that leads to baptism. If we don't teach about repentance, they will have a greater chance of going less active or not continuing investigating. It is important that we teach repentance with out saying the word repentance. When we invite people to read the Book of Mormon and pray asking God to help them find something in it that they can apply and change in their lives, it is telling them to repent! I will be honest, after this training, I felt excited to teach a lot more!
This is the time of year that moss is everywhere! I really enjoy stepping on it. It is really soft and usually has a little water in it, so I can splash where ever I go!

There are some more great sunsets this week! They were awesome! The hard part was finding a clearing from the trees. 
There is a funny story with this one. Last P-Day I had a craving for some Gorp (Family made trail mix). I was at the store thinking I wanted to buy it and make it. I thought maybe it could wait next week, but then I remembered it was my birthday week, so I went ahead and bought it. The next day, I receive my birthday package and what is in it? Some Gorp! Now I have a lot of it! Yay! Extra pretzels!

I made brownies for the baptism and blue berry muffins for my birthday! It was awesome! Thanks for the mixes! I plan on making my actual birthday cake after I buy cool whip later today.
Bretton's Birthday at the Bishop's Home (these two taken by the Bishop)

Blowing out the candles!

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