Tuesday, March 22, 2016

God Watches Over His Missionaries

Dear Family,

Today is transfers. The cool thing about being an Office Elder is that I can see what happens at transfers before most other missionaries. :) I also took all of the departing missionaries to the airport yesterday. I had no idea that driving to an airport could be so stressful, but I had another missionary, Elder Lee-Wen (who was an Office Elder in the past), guide me through the steps. There were so many miracles that happened at the airport. First off, I managed to get the giant van to the airport. That is probably the largest vehicle that I have ever driven (There was barely an inch of clearance between the roof of the van and the ceiling in the parking lot). One missionary, Elder Tavo, had to travel alone while the other 6 missionaries got to be together most of the way.

Elder Tavo had to take 3 different flights, but he doesn't know anything about airports or even what to do. But God knows. When we went to check in his luggage, the man at the desk happened to be the Stake President of the Seattle Stake and he gave Elder Tavo his baggage for free. Not only that, but he also upgraded him to premium, meaning it goes directly to his home, so he doesn't have to check it in after every flight. But the blessings didn't end there for Elder Tavo. After we checked him in, he had to go through security and there was a line that was about 1 and 1/2 hours long. Elder Lee-Wen felt prompted to talk to the lady at the premium line and as he did, the lady said Elder Tavo can go through premium (at no cost). That allowed him to completely skip the line and go through first. We couldn't follow him through security, but I know that he is in good hands, God's hands.

I know that God is watching over his missionaries. He is willing to help us out in times of need and I know that He protects us. I am very happy to be out here serving His children. Even though I don't do as much proselyting as a regular missionary, I still get to serve my fellow missionaries around the mission, making sure that everything runs smoothly so that they can focus their efforts on serving. Also, being an Office Elder is a lot of fun! I love you all and I hope you have a great Easter!


Elder Bretton Steiner.

Spring is in the air! And the beautiful sunsets are returning! Oh ya!

Just for fun. :)

Group picture this morning! Elder Lee-Wen is on the right, Elder Elzey is in the middle, Elder Jackson is in the middle, but a little to the left, and I am on the very left.

Prosperity Picture!! My Trainer on the left, Elder Nelson. My trainee on the right, Elder Miner.

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