Monday, March 14, 2016

Welcome Enumclaw Stake!

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good! The Coate Family is progressing very well. Sister Coate is a member who has been less active for a while and she just got re-married to a non-member. I don't know what gave her the motivation, but she just out of now where started to bring her whole family to church. She has talked with the bishop and has set up a plan to get her husband and son baptized and the rest of her family to return to activity! So far, we have had the first 3 lessons with them and they are accepting it well. Brother Coate really wants to get baptized, and so does Isaiah, their 11 year old son. They currently are committed for April 16th to be baptized, but at the rate that they are progressing, they could be ready long before that! During my last lesson with them, they set a goal to be sealed in the temple in April of 2017. Wow! They are so committed!

On Wednesday, Elder Davidson and I put our "8 birds with 1 stone" plan to use. We filled the trailer with the supplies that many missionaries needed, and for the first few hours of the day (While all of the other missionaries were doing their studies) we dropped by 7 different companionship's and either picked up furniture of dropped it off. Then we went and got a replacement mattress for the new mission nurse that moved in last week. Yep, 1 drive, 8 tasks complete! It was going to be 9, but we didn't have time to go to the D.I. to donate the futon... Anyway, the plan was a success and we put 124 miles on the truck that day! Good thing we have unlimited miles! It is so nice!

Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference. I thought the Saturday session was pretty full, but then I was surprised again when the Maple Valley Stake Center was completely full on Sunday. The parking lot was full and people parked all the way down the street. It was pretty crazy. The Stake Center is about the same size as the Haight Creek Stake Center and it was so full that people had filled the whole gym and were sitting on the stage all the way in the back. It was amazing! The Stake was officially split into the Maple Valley Stake and the Enumclaw Stake. Two new Stake Presidencies were called, too. It is a pretty exciting change. I love you all!


Elder Bretton Steiner.

Elder Davidson is really good at backing with a trailer. This is when we are putting it back at the storage unit.

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