Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Dear Family,

This week has been busy! Since, it is the first week of transfers, the office stays busy! Many things had to be updated: New missionary addresses, Mission President's contacts, new e-mail list for all of the missionaries (now including the new missionaries), and more. Oh, and several apartments were moved around. :) Very busy. Most of the time this week was spent moving and closing apartments. I had to close my first apartment this week. Remember when I deep cleaned it before I left a few months ago? Yep, again, but this time I actually had to take all of the furniture, too. It had the heaviest desk I have ever lifted! It was huge (and I loved it when I was there) and it was really hard to move. Most of the furniture was either too large or not in good condition, so most of it we had to take to the dump.

Easter Sunday was awesome! So many people came to church this week! It is so awesome! The Coate family didn't come, though, because they are sick. They are still on date to be baptized on April 16th! They are planning on going to Utah for Spring Break and going to General Conference! That is so cool! "You can bet your money on the Prophet!" (Quote from The District) I love you all! Happy Easter!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

Q and A:
Is it still raining all the time?
* Yes, but there have been more sunny days this week! Spring is coming!
* Fun fact: Maple Valley is the 2nd rainiest city in the United States.

I love you, Bryson!

It is nice to have sunny days at last!

One of the less active members in the Elk Run Ward worked for the Seattle Sea Hawks when they won the Super Bowl. Bishop Moulton said that he had this amazing ring, so we went and asked to take pictures of it. It is way bigger than I expected it to be! Does this count as worshiping idols?

This is the sunset of Easter Sunday!

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