Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Dear Family,

I hope you have all had a great week! It has been an adventure for me! There has been rain on and off this week and a lot of biking. On Thursday, after our weekly planning, I got on my bike and realized that it was very wobbly. I got off and tightened the back wheel, but it still wobbled a lot! It was totally not safe. So, after calling members and realizing all of them were unavailable, we make our trek to the bike store. It wasn't actually that far away, just a 30 minute walk.

At the bike store, the worker took apart my back wheel and showed me what it looked like inside. The bowl that encased the bearings was cracked and looked like it was about to break apart! He said that if I hadn't brought it in, it would have broken within the next week and I could have gotten hurt. The result, though, was that I had to buy a new wheel. So, 1 hour and $71 later, my new wheel is put on (Thankfully it was in stock) and my bike is ready to roll! I am so glad that it is safe now!

My bike has been riding so much smoother since then! I had no idea it was so bad! It feels sturdy and safe. Then Saturday comes and Elder Jones falls off his bike 2 times. He is so sore! He spent so much time tuning his bike Thursday night, and he had to do it all over again because those crashes made some cords slip. It was funny.

Anyway, it has been an adventurous week! I hope you all have a great week! Happy Halloween! I love you all!

Elder Bretton Steiner.

Elder Jones jumped off the curb with his bike and something fell off. I found out how hard it is to find a bike light in a bunch of leaves!

Elder Jones wanted a bench press, so he made one. It didn't work out too well. We are not doing that again!

That fog makes me feel like I am in a grave yard! Happy Halloween!

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