Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Spirit Will Help You Remember!

Dear Family,

First off, Happy Birthday Logan!!

Second off, Elder Ward and I are both staying this transfer!

Okay, now I can move on... This week has been a slower one. A lot of our lessons fell through, but we still had 2 of them! I had a pretty great experience during one of them, but I will have to explain a little.

Our lesson was set for Friday and we planned for the lesson on Thursday during our Weekly Planning. Since it happens to be the end of a transfer, we wrote our plan notes in the new planners for next week. We planned to show a Mormon Message video and 2 scriptures to Brother Buckley. He used to be a member and now he wants to come back. We teach him almost every Friday.

At the lesson, I realized that I didn't bring the new planner that had all of my notes in it. I couldn't remember what scripture I was going to share! I quickly said a silent prayer and while my companion was discussing the video, I pulled out the Bible and started searching.

It didn't come all at once, but little by little. I remembered Corinthians, which one? 2 Corinthians. I was flipping through it trying to remember where it was. Chapter 7. I read the chapter heading and skimmed through until I found it! Versus 9 and 10.

I shared the scripture and we had a good discussion on repentance. I don't think Brother Buckley or even Elder Ward knew that I had this experience, but I know that the Spirit helped me out when I needed help. I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for us. I know that He loves us and will guide our every step in His work!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Bretton Steiner

This was my district last transfer! From left to right: Elder Leavitt, Elder Kim, Elder Bollwinkel, Elder Richards, Elder Steiner, Elder Ward.

​We have a pretty cool view from the hill of all of the businesses.

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