Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey everyone!

I haven't been really good at writing and I need to catch up on some events.

Two weeks ago on P-day I got to go with T. and some other Elders to the State Fair. We didn't do much but we got to see pigs race and a 15 ft. tall sand castle.

Last week I went to Fort Jackson and got to go on a tour. I was thinking about joining the army but now I really don't want to. It just seems super scary. I got some pictures of some tanks and stuff there.

Today I went to the PLEX. Basically an indoor soccer field. We played ultimate. 

I will be getting a new companion this Wednesday. Elder Wright is moving out of the area and going to be a Zone Leader. I am really nervous about showing Blythewood to the new Elder coming. The members keep on saying that if my new companion picks on me they will "Make sure he doesn't." hehe Most people here think of me as small and just someone to help take care of.

I almost like it but I do wish I was taller. Yesterday I got to finally do my talk. It was about "Looking for the Good." I know the Lord helped me speak. People said "That was exactly what i needed to hear." 

A sad thing happened to our ward this last week. Sister Jenson had to go home because of some medical issues. She was trying so hard to hide the pain she was going through but she then had to go home once someone called her mother and told her what's been going on. The last In Home Devotional I had with her was Thursday.

Saturday was the ward Trunk or Treat. It was really cool and funny. Elder Wright was carrying his plate of food and Terrance (Mr. T.'s son) was trying to pull elder Wright into circles and well you can guess what happened to his food. :) hehe Let's just say you couldn't save it once it hit the ground.

For Halloween this year I wanted to be a box. (see the picture of me in the box and having fun with my companions). Usually for Halloween we have to go in early before everyone goes trick or treating. Usually it is at 7 or 8 but this year it is going to be at 6. I don't understand why cause here it gets so scary but no one is out after dark. Only cars and motorcycles are out at night. You are blessed to live in Utah.

We have some new investigators but it doesn't seem like they are really interested right now. I just hope we will find success soon. Mr. T's baptism has been the only one in this area this year.

I hope everything is going well back at home. I miss all of you guys and I can't wait to see you. Love you all!

~Elder Steiner

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