Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas? Wait!! What???

Hey Everybody!

This last week has been really fun. We got to go to a Christmas Zone Conference where we performed the skits we prepared. It was so funny! One of the skits was about Moses and the 40 years in the wilderness. This is how it went:
Long ago in the South Carolina Mission, there was a man named President Holmes. He got word that the people (Missionaries) would receive iPads soon. The missionaries were so excited that they began to stop updating the area book because they would just have to do it all over again on the iPads. 
Let's just say the Lord didn't see fit to give us iPads at that time. As time went on there became a new leader in the land. His name was President Turner. He found that it was expedient for the missionaries to have iPads. Once all the original missionaries died then was the mission ready for iPads. 

They ended the skit by having the acting President Turner Handing the missionaries iPads, just as the curtain closed. That was on Thursday.

Yesterday, Sunday, Brother T. Got the Melchizedek Priesthood. That was a really special moment for me. 

We recently got 2 new people on date for baptism but one has fallen off date and the other one Mya is 10 years old and she really wants to be baptized still. Her mom is a less-active and they both came to church last week. Yesterday they couldn't cause of work. They both told us how fun it was to be at church with everyone. Mya made a new friend and Sister Barber felt really welcomed. That was really cool.

I think the best thing that happened to me this week happened on Tuesday. Sorry I'm skipping around. This is what happened. I'm going to explain it the best I can.

This is From my journal:

7:17 I woke up and was shocked cause the alarm didn't go off cause the phone ran out of battery last night. Everything still worked out and I got everything done just my morning was a little rushed.

We went to see Oliver and Anna and we had a good talk. Afterwards I gave him a blessing with my companion. I felt so good. For some reason I just knew that I was going to give the blessing even before I asked him on who he wanted to give him the blessing. I know that I felt the spirit prompt me to say some things in the blessing. It was really cool. I felt confident in the words that came out of my mouth.

We then went to Blue Ginger for lunch. Two things happened:

1 We ate and then Mike (A guy we saw at Blue Ginger a while ago) came in and everyone else left so my companion and i stayed to talk to him. We went really deep into Joseph Smith and his life. It was my first time talking to a person that believed in the Trinity. He is a really nice guy and he wants to learn more and he wants to exercise with us to get fit.

2 This is what made my entire day a happy one. So we got to Blue Ginger and we were supposed to be served by a girl named Amberley but she was already doing a few other tables. Amberley seated us and she was the one that we ordered water from. When it was my turn I asked her if a lemon slice cost anything more if I had it put in my water. She then joked and told me that it would cost $12 more. 

I told her ok. We all laughed and were smiling.

At that point I felt surprised by how she reacted to my question. I felt happy that she could be her happy self around me. I noticed since she didn't come back that she was busy working at other tables so another came to take care of out orders. 

As I was eating I would see her walk in and out of view. She moved quickly and was light on her feet. I wondered if she was a dancer. Well we were about to leave but then Mike came and we talked for a while. The other Elders left and Amberley told us all to have a nice day on our way out.

I asked Amberley for her name and she asked me for mine. I replied Elder Steiner. She got confused and had a cute facial expression. I then told her my first name, Bryson. 

She was happy and then asked if I would giver the $12. I told her I would.

We then talked to Mike some more. While doing so I saw Amberley a while later sweeping and she was I thought crying. I didn't think of it much at that point cause I was focused mostly on Mike. I remember as we were about to leave I knew that I need to see her for some reason. I looked but couldn't find her.

We then had Mike walk with us to his car. Mike spotted her first and he told me to go over there. I said, Don't worry I will in a moment. Suddenly I found myself the next sentence later saying goodbye to Mike. I shook his hand and then  walked off. I walked right to Amberley and I thought my companion was right behind me. 

Danger went to my mind but for some reason I knew it would be alright. My companion could see me cause we were in the parking lot. I then started to talk to her but I started to get really nervous. I asked, "Mike said that you looked down and sad, Are you ok?" I kinda felt insecure cause my companion was still talking to Mike. I felt socially awkward. 

She then told me that she was going through a hard time, her dad had cancer and it was all over so I felt that her dad would pass away soon. She also told me about her boy friend might be going to jail and just some other things.

I then told her that I was sorry and I then complimented her on how hard she worked. I asked if she danced because of how light she was on her feet. That made her smile.

I told her about God and Jesus Christ and how he loves all of his children. Me and you. (I then pointed to her). I then told her my experience of sorrow and I told her that I found happiness through service towards others around me. i told her that she wasn't happy but sad. That she could find happiness through service. 

She then got up and hugged me and I explained as she was about to hug me that I don't do hugs out on my mission. At this point her arms were already around me and I took a step back. She of course was confused and I explained. She understood and was alright about it.

She then asked some questions. I started talking about church and God with her. She told me that she didn't really go to church but that she prayed. She said she doesn't know if she believes in a God.

I told her that I believed in God and that He knows what you are going through. I got a little more information about her and my companion finally came over. I let him talk with her cause I kinda knew a lot that he didn't know yet but at the end we got her Name and Number down. 

We shook hands and I told her that "If you remember anything about this conversation remember that you are a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father. I'll still get you that $12." She smiled and said goodbye. 

(End of journal entry)

I forgot to write down that I told her that she had made my day by the joke she made about the lemon being $12.

You could say no I wasn't focusing on the right things but I know for a fact that the Lord placed me at that spot for a reason. It helped her but I think it helped me more. I finally got to bare my testimony without a companion. I was so afraid that I was relying on my companions testimony. I also know that I couldn't have said those things without the Holy Ghost. I didn't even know what I was saying until I said it and I understood what I was saying. That is a weird experience. 

If you think I was being disobedient I wasn't. I even told the Zone leaders I got a hug from Amberley that night. I think that I was suppose to notice her that day.

One more thing. We went caroling with the youth in our ward to the less-actives and we gave them some Christmas gifts. It kinda hard to carry the song.... :) hehe

South Carolina has many weird things. People don't put batteries into their fire alarms and i always remind them that they need new batteries but they still never get them. So the fire alarm just beeps all day and all night long. 

I am starting to make a list of things that I notice that is different from home. So I can tell you a little more about the heart of the south. 

It feels like October or beginning of November here. Yet Christmas is this week. That is really weird.

Well I love you! I hope everything is going well and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! 

~Elder Bryson Steiner

P.S. Don't get used to empty batteries in fire alarms.

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