Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hey Family!!!

It 's so crazy that Logan has already done his farewell talk (He is leaving in a week and a half headed to the Washington, Vancouver Mission) . I feel weird when it comes to others going on missions. To be honest at the first of my mission I had a problem comparing myself to other missionaries. I then gave myself a challenge, I would only focus on the area I am serving and I wouldn't read any other missionaries letters they send home. So, I honestly have no idea what Colton or Rey are doing out there. All I know it that they are my buddies and that I miss them, but that I will see them soon.

As the subheading says. Transferrs!!! I am finally getting transferred out of Blythewood. I really don't want to leave. This is all I know in the South. I remember Elder Wright telling me that the leaving the first area is the hardest. I can testify that that is true!!! When I left home I knew I was going to be back in two years. Now that I am leaving Blythewood I don't know if I will ever come back and if I do it won't be the same... But hey life changes all the time and we need to prepare for the future.

On Sunday I felt like I have a boss moment. (Where I felt like a boss). I was passing the sacrament and we were walking back to put the bread down so we could bless the water. I don't know why but I felt that I should look to my left out into the audience as I was passing by the pulpit. I saw Sister Ferona and she was looking at me. She then mouthed the words that she never got the bread because she was on the very first row in the middle section. My tray was empty so I went up and I asked that I needed a different tray. I then went to Sister Ferona and gave her the bread. She was really happy that I did that. I then mad sure she got to have a chance for the water.

T. and Jackie are sad that I am leaving. Last night, (Monday) They gave me a T-shirt. It has a picture of their family on it and they made it into a missionary/ Gamecocks shirt. I love it and I can't wait to wear it!!! It totally would make any missionary jealous!!!

Last week Monday when mom emailed me about Becca, I laughed so much and I was in the library and others just looked at me like I was crazy. (Becca announced, out of the clear blue, that "It's official, I think I like...") But hey it's not like I get that every day. :) hehe I am glad Becca likes a guy. I could just picture her saying something like that. I love you Becca!!!!

Yesterday, we had a fun time. We went to 5 Guys!!! I love their food. We also went to play gator-ball and volleyball. I have lost weight now, and I am now sitting at about 133.4 lb. I think it's because I am forgetting to eat breakfast at times. We came to the library to email yesterday and well nope. It's closed because it's a holiday. So that is why we are emailing today.

I will tell you next week where I am and who my companion is. I hope that everything works out. I love you all and I can't wait to see you! Bretton!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Well, early birthday. You all have fun now. Love you! Good Night.

~Elder Bryson Steiner

P.S. Save me some Cake??? :) hehe

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