Monday, January 26, 2015

New Area!

Hey Family!

I am now in a new area and I'm farther up North. I am in the Simpsonville 1st Ward in the Greenville East Stake. My companion is Elder Herr and he is so amazing!!! He is from Southern California. He has 2 transfers left so most likely I will be killing him (sending him home in missionary speak). I hope I get some of his ties before he gets to go home. 

I am doing great! I am feeling great and I love being out here. I was at first freaking out cause I got a call on Saturday to teach the High Priest's the next day. I basically let the Spirit take over and it worked out better than I planned. I shared with them the talk by President Uchtdorf "Lord, is it I?" I think it was a great start with the ward. I have a new friend named Mark Harmond and he is such a hard worker. He was baptized about 5 months ago and he is trying to find work. He was in a car accident and his back is causing him some trouble. He tries to hide the pain so much but often it will be hurting him no matter where he is. I feel really bad for him.

My new area is a little bigger than my last area. We have a car and we can bike!!!! I am so glad we get to bike. I really missed it. My apartment is with only me and my companion. :) It's a little more quiet but I like it. I think I will have more time to write letters now but I'm not sure. It's up to what the missionaries do on P-day here.

This week has been a long week. I love it out here but I am trying so hard to get to know the new area. It's a different kind of challenge now. 

Something I have been thinking a lot about this week is the internet. A question came to my mind and it was... "When did people start believing what the internet says rather than asking God themselves?" I think that Satan is trying to get people to look for "All" answers on the internet. A testimony of Jesus Christ comes from faith. You first have a belief and then you have works to create faith. Through the experiences I have been through I can say that I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I Know that he lives and that he loves me.

Sorry this letter is short but I haven't written much in my journal this past week. Just leaving Blythewood and then coming to Simpsonville 1st Ward. I hope that everything goes well you all. I miss you. and I can't wait to see all of you again. I love you and my friends. Don't forget to read that Book of Mormon and to pray about it. Ask God to know the truth.

I love you!!! Good Night!!!!

~Elder Bryson Steiner

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