Monday, July 20, 2015

What Parade?

Dear Family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY!!!! I would tell you not to grow when I am gone, but I guess that won't happen. Have you ever heard of missionaries being in a parade? I haven't, until now! 

Every missionary in my district had the opportunity to be a part of the Covington Days Parade! It was a totally different experience. Instead of stopping to talk to people, like what I am getting used to, we only had time to give out pass along cards and tell them to read it. I hope people will really read them. We also sang hymns during the parade. 

The miracle this week happened at church. Someone named Donna came to church. She is the mother of a recent convert and one of our investigators. She was not a member and we never contacted her. She just decided to come to church. Now, after we talked to her, we are now setting up appointments for her and her daughter (already our investigator). 

This week, we have had a lot of fallen through appointments, but I know we have done our best, so I am still happy. I miss you all and I am praying for you! I love you all! Have a happy 24th!


Elder Steiner.

Items Received:

* Bike Lock, sort of. It turns out they left it in the box at the Mission Office. Good thing they didn't through the box away. I don't have it in possession right now, but the Zone Leaders are going over to the Mission Office today and will pick it up.

Q and A:

What is the weather like?
* Very sunny. We are having a drought this summer. I have yet to see rain. The weather has been staying around the 80's, but last weekend it got to the high 90's. With the humidity, I could hardly walk outside without sweating a lot. Thank you for the handkerchiefs!

Have you bought a rain jacket?
* Not yet, but maybe that would be a good idea.

Have you had any issues with money?
* Nope. I have been getting by with just the missionary card, so far. And I am keeping track of the expenses.

Are you spreading happiness to others?
* I hope so. I do get a lot of comments about how I smile a lot.

Do you use puns on your companion? Does he laugh?
* Sometimes. I haven't been saying puns as much as I used to. I think it is because my mind is more focused on the work. Anyway, when I do say puns, he smiles and laughs.

One benefit of having a 5th floor classroom at the MTC: A temple view out the window! The other benefit is extra stairs, so more exercise.
These pictures were taken the first day I got here. President and Sister Eaton are super cool.
 The missionaries that came out with me. This picture is at the mission home.

I am a little worried that my bike is so bright, that people will want to steal it. Any idea of what I should do? Should I try and make it look bad?
This is our study area. Of course, the Senior companion gets the big chair. :)
Map of our Area. It is southern Kent in the Scenic Hill Ward. The Black line is the correct area boundaries.
Everyone here has very expensive cars, but not very good housing. That is a 2Z06 Corvette. Elder Nelson loves Corvettes.

My District at the Covington Days Parade.
​Here is a pretty picture to explain the weather. This was taken yesterday evening.
Elder Nelson and I have the Gold Plates. We have the cleanest car (2012 Toyota Corrola), so we get the Gold Plates and an additional 100 Miles. :) Oh and you can see our cameras in the reflection.

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