Monday, July 27, 2015

After The Trial Of Our Faith

Dear Family,

I am really glad to hear that everything is going good at home. This week has been a testimony builder. We had a miracle right off the bat. We were finding in a neighborhood and we meet this guy named Wilmot. We were talking with him and out of now where, a member starts walking by and he shares his testimony. Thank you Brother King!!! Wilmot became interested and invited us in right then to teach him. The lesson went well, he had a lot of questions and he committed to Baptism right then! A miracle! Find-Teach-Commit all in one hour!

On Tuesday, I had my first Missionary Exchange! It was kind of different. I went with Elder Mousser, one of the Zone Leaders. He is in a biking area, so I got to ride a bike. I rode Elder Nelson's bike because the Zone Leaders were borrowing it already. We rode for one hour. Now I am REALLY grateful for the car. Riding a bike is hard work, but it has its benefits. We could stop and talk to everyone we see, where as in the car it is more difficult to stop. Over all I think it was a good experience.

The time after the exchange was pretty dry. Almost all of our plans fell through for both Wednesday and Thursday. We ended up doing a lot of extra contacting. I felt pretty discouraged Thursday evening and I think Elder Nelson could tell. He told me that we hit a Faith Barrier (That is what he and Elder Green call it). He shared with me Ether 12:6 that said "... for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." He told me that we just have to pull through the hard times. God give us trials so we can become better, and if we pull through, still being obedient and faithful, we will receive blessings. That was a turn for me. I decided to continue on, believing that it will all turn out good, and that we can find people to bring to the Gospel. What was promised did come true. Miracle after miracle happened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We found 4 new investigators, one of which is already committed to baptism and progressing!! My first progressing investigator! Yay! I am so excited for them! We also received a referral and taught a lot of lessons on Sunday! It was so great! I know that the Lord is looking out for us. If we show Him our love for Him and strive to do His work, even through the hard times, blessings will come!

Next transfer, we will be getting 28 new missionaries! Wow! We are opening a few new areas, one of which is another Scenic Hill! That means that Elder Nelson and I have to prepare enough people for the next missionaries, or in other words, do the work of two companionships. I know the Lord is hastening his work in this area, I have seen it this week. 

I miss you and love you! Thank you for everything!


Elder Steiner.

P.S. Elder Nelson's birthday is tomorrow, the 28th! 

 ​Elder Nelson and I in the car today.
My District.

Yep, lots of trees. Every road here has walls of trees. Also notice the little white dots on the road. They don't paint all the road lines in Washington. It rains so often, it is just better to put reflective bumps in the road. I finally got to see some rain on Sunday, by the way.

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