Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wow! What a week!

Dear Family,

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNE!! I am grateful to hear from you and your family!

Today is Transfer P-Day! Transfer P-Days are on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. All I know right now is that I am staying in Scenic Hill with Elder Nelson! YAY!! It is strange to think that my training is half-way over! This week has been so long but also so short (if you know what I mean)! So much has happened this week! Let me start with the lesson at the Mission Home.

We were teaching Sister Ellineta Smith at the Mission Home with President Eaton and Sister Eaton. I expected President Eaton to teach with us. Nope. He spent the whole time entertaining Sister Smith's 4-year-old son, Josh. I will never forget the moment I saw President Eaton run through the room and jump onto the giant bean bag! Sister Smith did teach with us and shared a scripture that fit in so good with out lesson plan! Of course, if you teach in the Mission Home, you get dessert! Yay! The standard Washington dessert(I have seen this most often): Cookie with Ice cream on top! It was good!

On Wednesday, the Zone Leaders had to borrow our car again because they let the Spanish Elders borrow their car for the week because the Spanish Elder's car got in a wreck (It wasn't their fault). Did you get all that? At this point, the Zone Leaders have used about 100 miles on our car, so they granted an additional 100 miles to our monthly limit (only for this month)! So, because we had no car, and our bikes were being borrowed by the Zone Leaders, (My bike, too, because the other Zone Leader's bike had a flat tire.) we had to change our plans and walk-contact for 2 hours in the hot weather. Yep, it was really hot. It worked out pretty good and we found quite a few potentials from it.

Thursday was Weekly Planning, but with a twist. Elder Nelson and I have known that we will be getting a new companionship in Scenic Hill for a few weeks, so we have been praying that there would be enough work to fill both sets of planners. Our prayers were answered and we were successful in completely filling all 4 planners with work! Yay! That was a very busy weekly planning. Then we found out yesterday that we aren't getting more missionaries in Scenic Hill. Oh, well. At least I can say I split an area!

Friday was Zone Conference! It was super Spiritual! The main topic was the Doctrine of Christ, but also a side topic was about the missionary purpose. One thing that I got that I really loved from it was a quote from President Eaton. He said, "Surrender to God all you are. He won't take your personality away, He will take your rough edges away." I love that! That is a lot more that I want to write about, but I don't have time.

Sunday was the Mission Devotional! I sang in the choir and there were some very spiritual videos and testimonies from recent converts! Elder Nelson told me that there used to be Recent Convert Firesides that were about 2 hours long and were boring, but President Eaton turned them into Mission Devotionals, where missionaries can invite investigators to one hour of powerful and spiritual Music, Videos, and Testimonies! I am so grateful for our mission president!

I love you all!


Elder Steiner.

Beautiful sunset on the way back from the Mission Home.
Wait, where is apartment 308?

Weekly Planning and Splitting. 
We finally got some real rain this week. This was taken after Zone Conference on Friday. That little black box on the left of our windshield is the Tiwi. We call it Timoathy. It has been struck dumb and can no longer speak. Actually, it's speaker is just broken, so we are getting it replaced sometime next week. I want to call the new one TJ, or Timoathy Junior. We also won the Gold Plates again. We worked so hard to clean the car. We washed it, waxed it, put armor-all on all the leather and the tires, and put wind-ex on the windows. It all paid off.

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