Monday, August 3, 2015

Elder Nelson's Birthday!

Dear Family,

It was Elder Nelson's Birthday on Tuesday! We made a Triple Chocolate cake, but then put M&M's on it, so maybe it was a Quadruple Chocolate Cake. It was good. It took us all week to eat the cake, just one or two pieces a day. I think my puns are contagious, because Elder Nelson wanted to cut the cake just so he could say, "Piece of Cake". And throughout the week, we both said puns and laughed together. 

Elder Nelson is so awesome. Our progressing investigator, Ellineta Smith, is doing great! She is accepting everything we teach her and she is keeping her commitments! We have taught her 4 of the 7 lessons and she is scheduled for Baptism on August 28th! She has great faith that God loves her and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am getting very excited for her. 

This week has been very hot! Thursday through Sunday were all the upper 80's and 90's. Friday actually got up to 98 degrees! Honestly all this hot sunshine weather feels like Utah, except without the Air conditioners. :) Everyone here is shocked that it has been above 80 for so long this summer. Anyway, we also got a new Ward Mission Leader, his name is Brother Woodruff (And no, he is not related to Wilford Woodruff). 

I feel like we have been eating like Kings! Every week, we choose 2 or 3 meals from "The Missionary Cookbook" that Grandma gave me. We have been trying new things and they are so good. I have a few pictures of the kinds of food we have been eating. We also use The Missionary Cookbook to help us put together our grocery list. So if you are thinking that we are starving, it is actually the complete opposite. :) I hope you are doing good at home! I miss you all and love you!


Elder Steiner.
Items Received: Package from the McEwens


What is your Typical Daily Routine?
* This will be a long answer...  We usually wake up at 6:20, do some exercise (Running, lifting weights, etc.) until about 7:00. Then we take showers and prepare for the day and eat breakfast until about 8:00. We do Personal Study until 9:00, Companionship Study until 10:00, and sometimes Training until 11:00 (Training just needs to be an hour long at anytime in the day). We usually have lunch at 12:00, but we adjust it as necessary for proselyting. We proselyte until dinner at around 5:00. After dinner we proselyte until 9:00 and return to the apartment. We plan our schedule for tomorrow, (Since Elder Nelson is the District Leader) we do district things (calling the district on Tuesdays and Sundays, following-up with their goals, etc), we report our doings to the Ward Mission Leader every night. We go to bed at 10:30. Repeat tomorrow.

Why do some areas have bikes and other areas have cars?
* Well, it depends on if the area is big and if the people are nice enough not to steal your bike. Scenic Hill is a large area and in certain places, there are poor people that will take your bike if they have the chance. Also, our apartment is in one corner of the area, so in order to go to the Valley, we would have to ride for a long time, then make our way up hill for the return trip. So, yep. I am grateful for our car. :)

Elder Nelson decorating his Birthday Cake, and his Birthday dinner already done: Chili and Rice.

"Let's Baptize"!
Fruit Smoothie every morning for Breakfast!

We are eating vegetables, don't worry. :)


Vegetable Stir-Fry with lunch meats, over rice! Oh, and cake for dessert!

Tortilla Roll-Ups: Cream Cheese, lunch meats, vegetables.

Yep. Lots of Trees.

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