Monday, November 23, 2015

Join in Mighty Prayer Alma 6:6

Dear Family,

This week was Zone Conference! It was all about mighty prayer. The scripture I put in the subject line is the ponderizing scripture we had for this week. Mighty prayers aren't about how much time or how beautiful the words are, it is the feeling that makes it mighty. It is a prayer that you pour your whole heart and soul into! I feel like mighty prayer is also very specific. President Eaton made it pretty clear that we can actually pray for specific experiences with our investigators. I am pretty excited!

I also went on an exchange this week! This time a left Scenic Hill and went over to the Crestwood ward with Elder John! Every time a member asked where I was from, they would always say there are a lot of missionaries from Kaysville, Utah. I remember one particular experience from it. Elder John and I had a set dinner at 5 and we forgot to bring our reflective vests to put on after 5. So, we quickly went back to the apartment to pick them up, but while there, I accidentally left my second sweater there. (Yes, I wear 2 sweaters because of how cold it gets.) After dinner, it was dark and cold. That was when I realized that I forgot it. I said I was cold, but then said, "Nevertheless not my will, but thine be done." I was just quoting a scripture, but I feel like it was real. I prayed that God would keep me warm for the rest of the evening. Right after that, we went over to an investigators house, (The investigator has been out of town for 3 weeks.) and he was there! We got to teach him a lesson on the Book of Mormon and he was totally fixed on it! He was already committed for baptism, and now I see why! He was amazing! I noticed later on, that I didn't feel cold anymore. I know that God will answer our prayers and sometimes, we just need to ask.


Elder Steiner.

P.S. I still haven't written down Sister Tuiloma's Conversion Story. It is hard to write it on the spot, so give me some time.

Items Received:
* Thanksgiving Package from family! Yay! Muffin Tins! Now I really get to make desserts!

I had to get a picture of the sky. I didn't get to see the blue sky for almost a week. I had no idea I would miss it so much.

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