Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Light Of Our Testimony

Dear Family,

This week has been full of adventures! And it has been full of fun, too! The housing coordinators came by when we were doing Weekly Planning at our District Leader's apartment, and they didn't clean it ahead of time. :) I have seen the blessings of opening my mouth this week!

We are now starting a new transfer, that is why this e-mail is on a Tuesday. I can't believe how fast time has been flying! This week marks the beginning of my 4th Transfer! Elder Miner and I are both staying in Scenic Hill for another transfer! Yay! I am still training!

I am starting to realize how much time has passed because the sun now goes down at 5:30 rather than the 10:00 I am used to. The lights on my bike are starting to get really important now.

On Tuesday, during the daytime, I noticed that the headlight on my bike seemed a little dim. I thought that it was fine, it only looked that way because it was bright outside. As the day got darker and darker, it became apparent that my light really was low on battery. It got to the point where I had to follow closely behind Elder Miner and use his light to shine the way. This made me think about our testimony. If the light is our testimony, then darkness would be trials. It is easy to think that we have a great testimony when it is bright outside, but when the darkness comes, when the trials and tribulations come, we realize it isn't enough. It is day time right now. Now is the time to prepare and strengthen our testimonies, so when trials come, we can still see the true way by the light of our testimony.

I hope that all of you are taking every moment possible to add to your own light. We know that we are living in the last days and hard times will come. My hope is that we will all be ready for when that time comes. I love you all, so much!


Elder Bretton Steiner.

Sorry again for the lack of pictures. I want to take pictures, I am just too busy. There really is work in missionary work!

Q and A:

Are you able to get dry?
  • Yes, when I am not in the rain, I eventually dry off. It might just take a few hours.
Do you get to go to the temple at all during your mission?
  • Yes. I automatically get to go 2 times, one each January. While on the January Temple trips, we will be able to visit a Deseret Book, and I plan on getting more missionary approved music! I also get to go when my recent converts enter the temple.
Do you have any requests for your Thanksgiving package? Do you need new shirts, socks, pants, or anything?
  • Yes, some snacks. We don't get very much money for our shopping, so our snacks are very limited. I loved the last package and you did choose the kind of cookies that I like!
  • I don't know if I am in need of anything, but I would love to have another pair of black slacks and another pair of "darn tough" socks (now my favorite socks).

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