Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bretton's Ankle Shattering Experience

Although this isn't exactly on topic, I think it deserves attention because Bretton asked if I thought this would affect his chances of going on a mission. NOPE.

Bretton shattered his ankle on Wednesday Sept 10th, playing flag football with his YM group. They thought it was just pulled so (as should be done in this case) they had him walk it off  to the sideline thinking that if it was broken he wouldn't be able to do so. He must have a very high tolerance for pain because he walked on it even though he knew something was wrong, since his ankle just kind of floated funny and hurt a ton!

So, Friday he was scheduled for surgery to have it all fixed. He broke both of his lower leg bones that had to repaired using 10 peices of "hardware", not a little thing. He is on major pain meds and even then it didn't seem to handle the after surgery pain.

Here is the spiritual account from him to Bryson:

Dear Elder Steiner,

I don't really know how to start this letter except to say that I broke my ankle. This was quite a serious break, too. I just happened to slip on the ground while playing church flag football
(He was carrying the ball). I fell on my right foot and it over extended backwards breaking both ankle bones. My foot wasn't being held in place by the joint anymore, so it just kind of shifted around giving me a lot of pain.

I had to have surgery to get my ankle back together. I have 9 screws and a plate in my ankle now. The night after the surgery, I was in incredible pain. It seemed that my pain medications weren't doing a thing. I had no idea how I was going to survive the night. I remember mom saying that I will have to rely on the Lord to get through this, so I paid close attention when I read the scriptures. I was reading D & C section 18 when I came upon verse 18. It said if I ask the Lord in faith, I shall recieve. I knew right away that I wanted to recieve relief from my pain, so I prayed for it. In my prayer I acknowledged the fact that I knew that Christ knows what I am going through and that I believed that the pain could be lifted from me. After my prayer was said, even though it was silent, I felt immediate relief. I was able to rest the whole night with out very much pain. I remembered to say a prayer of thanks in the morning. After that I felt good and wrote about it in my journal.

So, what I really wanted to say on Monday was that I would try and work out and prepare myself better for my mission. I don't know how the working out part is going happen with this broken ankle. I have already missed 2 days of school and I am starting to fall behind. I happened to ask a girl out to Homecoming on Monday, too. Her name is Kailee Petty. She was in my cast team at the Hill Cumorah Pagent and she has just moved in. I had a really hard time finding her address because the school directories were printed with last year's student's names. Homecoming is this Saturday and I don't know how well my ankle will be at that point, but I will try to make the best of it.

I have been making some meals from the missionary cookbook and I think thay are amazing. I have tried pizza rolls, alfredo chicken, cake cookies, and chicken pot pies. Everything I have tried so far has been delicious. School is going okay for me. For now, I am looking on the bright side of things as well as looking towards my recovery.

Thanks for the email. I love you too. I can't wait to be on a mission like you are.


Bretton Steiner.

Nice attitude Bretton!!!

He bought a scooter for her to ride around with him at the dance, Cool. He pushed through the pain and made it through homecoming quite well, and is now off the hard core drugs! 

When the splint came off Monday, 22nd, this is what we saw on both sides of his leg:


He chose a bright neon green cast. Miss May (the choir teacher) will probably not like that for concerts. We'll make a black "sock" for it.

He can't put any pressure or weight on it for 4 weeks, Then he might get a walking cast. For now he has to scoot his way through classes which he started Tuesday the 23rd. He lost about two weeks of school, but knowing him, he won't have any problems.

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