Monday, September 29, 2014

Prayers Are Answered

Hello everyone!

First order of business is that I am going to be trying to just email my family and some of my friends. I am having a hard time with distractions from the work and I don't want that. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but I need to say that I will be only taking hand written letters from girls. I can only write back on Mondays so you may not be getting a reply till maybe Saturday. Sorry but I need to do it to focus on writing and emailing my family which is of most importance. Thank you. See my letter and package sending address on the right.

This week has been a real blessing. I got to go on exchanges for about 48 hours. First was up with Elder Adams and then I went back to my area and show someone else around my area. I was really nervous cause I haven't stayed in my area on exchanges before. I had a wonderful experience with Elder Dembinskee. I learned that I should almost fight to talk and share my testimony instead of let my companion talk. I had a wonderful day on Wednesday.

The most important think that happened this week is a story. On Tuesday T. (our investigator) had his baptismal interview. He Passed!!! Wednesday T. got married to his girlfriend Jackie. Thursday T. was baptized by a member in the ward (Tyler Barton).Sunday T. was confirmed in sacrament meeting.

So everything was working out and on Sunday Elder Wright tells me that he feels that I should do the confirmation for T. Elder Wright was originally the one to confirm T. I told him that I might do it and at the time I knew I was going to do it. I tried to memorize his name and the prayer. I was so nervous. 

Just a few moments before church started Elder Wright said to me that I was going to be the one to confirm him. I knew it! and he then told me to go and tell T. So I went and told T. that I was going to confirm him and he was cool with it. I tried to reassure him by trying to say his full name and well I failed. So I'm pretty sure that T. was super nervous that I would say his name wrong. 

I then went to sit to do the sacrament with the Deacons and I prayed. Next thing I know is that I'm about to burst out crying and have an anxiety attack. I was about to give up and tell Elder Wright up at the sacrament table that I couldn't do it. Suddenly a brother in the ward grabbed my shoulder from behind me. It was brother Taylor and he is so buff and so strong and I am so small compared to him.

He then whispered into my ear and then said something like this.  "The fear and anxiety you are feeling now is because you want to have this blessing be perfect. I'm going to tell you now that it won't, it's not going to be perfect. The Lord knows that you are trying and he will bless you for doing your best. It's ok. No matter what the Lord loves you and he see's our mistakes, but it's ok. So don't be afraid about this blessing. It'll be great! And besides if you do mess up I'll just laugh at you. Jk."

So the time comes and we gather in a circle and the mike is placed near my mouth. I don't speak for like 10 seconds. Then I open my mouth I say his name and the blessing. I said his name perfectly for  the blessing. Of course it was Samoan and I was saying it in my heavy English accent. It was beautiful and I felt so calm and relaxed.

What is funny is that I prayed two weeks ago to be the one to either baptize T. or confirm him. My prayer was answered. I am so grateful for the blessings I receive. 

People in the congregation thought I was going to say the whole prayer in Samoan. They were very impressed. But I know that I didn't do it. The Lord did. Afterwards T. and Elder Wright said that I was shaking all during the prayer and to be honest I had no idea I was.

So in the end the Church is true. the Atonement is real and Charity never fails.

I love you all and hope you are having a wonderful week. 

~Elder Steiner

P.S. Try saying: Fotuotamataneoatasioatuafotumaiataoletaeao Faamalele Toluao.

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