Monday, September 1, 2014

Lighting and Thunder, Ya'll

Hi everyone!!!! I just want you to know that I'm am doing great! I had a talk, and well the two other speakers took up the whole time and I was asked to basically bear my testimony. I had originally planned to speak for about 15-20 minutes but all well. Now I might have to give another talk  cause of how short I was up there. 

I can't wait for some of our investigators to get baptized. It's taking time but I have faith they will get there eventually. It's so amazing to see how the Lord will show us how he has helped out with today. I'm not quite sure what else to say cause I mostly focused on my talk this week but I honestly think y'all are missing out.

This place is covered with trees and I love the storms that have been going on. Lighting and thunder are so cool when they are so close. I love feeling the ground shake from it. Well I think it shakes the ground. It's not really hot here and it doesn't seam very humid right now, but I think it will once the hottest months are over. 

I got a really nice jacket, a flag, two car stickers of the South Carolina tree and yup I feel like I have way to much money out here. $135 a month is a ton when you don't spend money.

Anyway life is going great and I'm not really sure what else to say just that I love you all back at home. 

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