Monday, September 22, 2014

Understanding Life's Challenges

Well this week has been really weird. I love being here and I am so glad I do not have to go to school. People look at you differently when you are your own person. As a youth you are expected to progress and to learn the ways of God. Sometimes though we all feel like things aren't going our way, but I know that through the power of the Atonement that all things are made write. Something that Elder Ferguson told me this week was what the Prophet Joseph Smith said to someone. I forgot who he was asking but he asked this man that the Lord wanted his wife to be Joseph's Wife. 

Elder Ferguson asked me if I would be willing to give up my future wife to follow the Lord. I told him I wasn't sure cause I had never had to face that question before. I wouldn't know if I would be willing to undo the powers that held my future wife and I together. 

Anyways the rest of the story is that the guy told Joseph that he would be willing to give him his wife. This man and woman loved each other so much and I sure it was a hard choice but they made the choice to serve the Lord. Joseph then told him that he had passed the test and he gave back his wife and promised them that their prosperity would be blessed because of the choice they had made that day. This story is a true story but it made me wonder if I truly love the Lord more that anything on this Earth. Of course my companion and I had to study it out in our minds and came to the conclusion that the Atonement will make everything right and so we need not worry about such things.

Funny thing is the night before that I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield and basically it said that i needed to let go of writing all girls on my mission. Well I came to that conclusion cause my companion and I the day earlier had talked about not writing girls cause that was my weak spot. To have them on my mind a lot while serving the Lord. That's not what I wanted so I tried to find an answer and I got my answer through a prayer and then a letter and then by having an elderly couple telling a few things.

Sorry if this is confusing but it makes total sense to me. :)

So a few things that have happened this week have been setting fire to a napkin on the stove and trying to roast smore's but we just set off the fire alarm. It was all an accident while cooking bacon. We tried to fish with a caterpillar and some gum as bate but no luck there. tomorrow I have been out for 2 months and I kinda feeling like 2 weeks. sorry for everyone that thinks it's been like 2 years. 

Mom It almost sounds like you want me to come back home just so I can have my bed back. ;) Oh well, there is still 22 months left. hehe

Dad, I want to hear some of your experiences on your mission.

Brianne and Matt and Baby David I enjoy you sending letters to me I love knowing how you are doing and I want you to know that I look up to you. Matt I also want to know some more experiences about your mission.

Braden there are some cute girls at BYUI this year and they know me. Their names are Abby Clark, Elizabeth Sommers and Emma Lenker. they are all from the South. Tehe. Love you Bro!!!!

Bretton You still need to email me about your foot now all I know is that you did something with church ball and that you have had surgery. Your making me worried cause I want to hear from you even though you have all day long to write to me with you not being able to come to school. Please... Write me???? Oh and please get well soon. I love how you used your scooter for the dance. ;) (note: for some reason the snail mail isn't arriving to Bryson, Bretton and Dad have been trying to keep him informed that way.)

Becca don't worry about your homework so much. I know you can do it. Just put everything off of your mind and focus on your homework. something that helped me is that I did my homework at school and It helped me have time for the things I loved to do. 

Bethany I hope you are having a wonderful time at school. Just know that when the world seems to gang up on you, that you can withstand against all things if you build your foundation (testimony) on Christ's rock.

I want everyone to know that I love them and that only through Christ can we succeed at all things. This year for Seminary is the Doctrine and Covenants, I found them so interesting and very powerful. The scriptures can help you understand what you should be doing to grow closer to our Lord. 

Again I love you all and keep close to the Lord.

~Elder Steiner

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